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Non Standard Insurance Products Press Release

jml insurance Press Release October 2007 

Summary: The consumer on line has a vast choice of sites to buy insurance from, however not many offer products for Ex offenders or sell Kidnap and Ransom insurance - Source: Philip Suter of

Oct 03, 2007 – There is plenty of choice if you are looking for conventional insurance like property, travel, car and medical insurance products. There are many web sites offering these including the new price comparison sites that have developed over the last couple of years.

What about if you are looking for a “non standard “insurance product? There are not many sites to go to.

Jml offers the standard products for home and car, however they have built up their business offering non standard products.
Examples of these are car hire excess insurance, insurance for Ex-offenders for someone who has a criminal record, Flood damaged property insurance, Subsidence affected or underpinned household insurance, motor trade insurance for those who buy and sell cars as a small business or hobby, car hire business or taxi business.

Travel insurance is also included, however along with the usual types there is “Kidnap and ransom” travel insurance for groups and even ex offenders.
It is fairly straightforward to get household insurance, however what happens if you are in the middle of a self build, you might not necessarily get insurance from a normal source.

jml has teemed up with specialists Delite Insurance Agency and Insurarance4carhire, both UK based companies, to offer these specialist non standard products and more.

One of the latest products that Delite has introduced has been Business Maternity Insurance. This is ideal if your staff are on maternity or paternity leave (and maternity leave can be extended up to a year under Government plans) and it will pay for the cost of temporary clerical staff from an agency.

Insurance 4 car hire have also introduced other non standard products, like “Motor Insurance Premium Reduction insurance”. Motor insurance premiums can be reduced by insuring the excess you take out. They also introduced “Second home emergency travel insurance” a couple of years ago.

With more and more people owning a second home / holiday property, what happens if there is an emergency there and you have to get to the property quickly. Air fares can be very expensive if you are not booking well in advance and in an emergency situation you can’t do that. You can of course take out an annual policy to cover this.

jml started trading in 2002 as jml offering Letsure and Homelet insurance products. Earlier this year the site was re-branded as and naturally still offers the Landlord and Tenant insurance products from Homelet, Letsure and Endsleigh but now offers a wide selection of products need for personal and business use..


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jml is part of jml Property Services, the trading name of Jeffrey Milner ltd. The company is an UK based company that was established in 1979. They started selling insurance products in 2002 to tie in with their holiday homes advertising website was originally called to some up it's job villas to rental in Europe, however the easier name was chosen instead after a couple of years.

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