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Landlord's Insurance from Andrew Copeland Insurance

 Property Protection Residential is an inexpensive insurance scheme specially designed to meet the needs of property owners whose properties are either let to Professionals, Students, DSS tenants (or the like), used as holiday/second homes or are simply just left unoccupied


Cover is now available for Landlord's Legal expenses, Home Emergency and Rent guarantee, at competitive rates. Policy underwritten by ARAG Plc.

The Policy is underwritten at Lloyds. If you own one of these properties, most insurers will refuse to provide you with cover, however in some cases you may find an insurer who will, but at what cost?

Risks Covered by Property Protection

Property Protection Residential will provide cover against the perils listed on our Cover Provided Section, if your property falls into one of the following categories:

A. Holiday Home

Cover is provided for properties, which are used solely as a Holiday Home by the policyholder, the policyholder's family, or the policyholder's friends.

B. Holiday Home Lets
Cover is provided on the same basis as a Holiday Home, but extended to allow for lettings.

C. Second Home
Cover is provided for properties that are used on a semi-regular basis with long periods of un-occupancy (i.e. home in London for weekday use whilst at work and left un-occupied at weekends whilst at main residence or vice versa). Cover will also be provided for owners who live or work abroad, and only use their property whilst staying in the United Kingdom.

D. Let Properties
Cover is provided for properties, which are let or tenanted on a regular basis to any tenant except: Students, DSS referrals and Holidaymakers, all of whom are insured under their own respective sections.

E. Unoccupied Properties
Cover is provided for properties, which are left permanently unoccupied, or for long periods at a time (i.e. awaiting sale, being renovated or not in full time use). The level of cover provided under this section varies and depends upon the general condition and state of the property.

Please contact us with full details of the property so that we may advice you of the level of cover that will be provided.

We can also provide cover for unoccupied commercial premises, again please contact us for further information.

F. Student Lets
Cover is provided for properties that are let to students whether singly or on a house share basis. This section will also provide cover in the holiday periods if you wish to let the property to Holidaymakers, or leave it unoccupied.

G. DSS Lets
Cover is provided for properties that are let to DSS referrals or for tenants having all or part of their rent paid for by the DSS. To qualify for this cover the tenancy agreement must not be with the DSS, or under DSS control.

H. Timber Construction Chalets
Cover is provided for timber construction chalets that are used as holiday homes by the policyholder, the policyholder's family or the policyholder's friends.

If you are in any doubt about which category will best cover your property, please contact us and we can advise you appropriately.

Should your property not fall into one of these categories, we may still be able to provide you with cover, but will require full details of the property beforehand.

Unlike other companies, we DO NOT insist on one Tenancy Agreement being in force between the landlord and all tenants on a multi-tenure property let.

Legal Advice and Domestic Assistance
As you are probably aware, seeking legal advice from a Solicitor can be very costly and time consuming. For some people this is an expense that cannot be met, and may result in their problems remaining unresolved.

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