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A correspondent to a French property magazine wrote in  August 2007,  a warning to other readers about the importance of retaining receipts for items of property at the family holiday home in France.

It was reported that the house was broken into in late 2006 and the agent made the discovery. Although the agent dealt with the issue, the owners decided to visit the property as well. The property was insured with a large French insurance company.

The property is let out as a holiday rental during the summer, so there was a full inventory of contents. It took nearly six months to get their claim and apparently the reason given was that the owners could only produce fifty per cent of their receipts so only fifty per cent was paid out.

If you own a holiday home, do make sure you keep receipts and if you are likely to keep the receipts at the property, think about keeping duplicates at your main home.

If you have a French holiday home insured with  a French insurer, make sure you give them the appropriate amount of notice if you want to terminate the policy.

If you don't speak French consider taking out a policy in English via an UK Company like one of these below.

 or    or 

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