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Tips for increased bicycle security in and away from the home:

1) When buying a bike, budget for security.
2) Take out insurance, either by purchasing additional personal belongings cover with your home contents insurance or through a separate policy - do this at the time of purchasing the bike, otherwise you may not get around to it.
3) Invest in a secure padlock, bikes must be locked to a fixed structure if you leave it unattended in public places. Also consider where you are leaving your bike, well lit public areas may act as a deterrent.
4) Record and register your bike.
5) Make a note of your bicycle model, make and frame number. This assists the police in returning recovered bikes to their rightful owners.
6) Take a clear, colour photograph of your bike and make a written record of its description, including any unique features, so that you can report it accurately if stolen.
7) Make sure that the bike is marked or tagged - these should be placed in at least two separate locations, preferably on or in the frame. One of these locations should not be clearly visible.

Specifically when the bike is at home:
1) Keep your bike in a secure garage or shed and keep the door locked.
2) Keep it out of public view.
3) Secure it to an immovable object or consider installing a floor or wall-mounted anchor lock for extra security.

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Bicycle Insurance

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