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Flood Insurance Products March 2011 - a selection of flood defence products - Click on logo below for more information

Let us take care of your non-standard properties says Rentguard Insurance - November 2013

Flood Insurance deal reached last month - September 2013

German insurance company pays the price for recent flooding - June 2013

Talks stall on Flood insurance - November 2012

Floods put UK property at risk - November 2012

Floods and more flooding in Britain - June 2012

Are you looking for insurance in a flood area ? _ May 2012

Will all this rain cause flooding? - April 2012

Flood Risk Warning from HomeLet Landlord and Tenant Insurance - March 2012

Insurance companies offering flood insurance cover - February 2012

Insurance bill for October 2011 floods in Ireland reaches €127 million - February 2012

From Aberconwy to York, Boston to Windsor - ABI Highlights the serious Flood Risk facing communities in England and Wales - January 2012

More flooding in the South of France kills 3 - November 2011

Flood Insurance - Questions and Answers- November 2011

Flooding causes chaos in Dublin - Ireland - October 2011

Flood Risk Home Insurance - October 2011

Chippen Campden flood letter - October 2011

Flooding in Goole east Yorkshire  - August 2011

Flood damaged Property Insurance might soon be needed again - July 2011

Problem property building and contents insurance solved in high risk flood area post code Zone - July 2011 

Flooding in Memphis as Mississipi River crested 48ft in USA _ May 2011

Flood victim testimonials are still flooding in - April 2011 

A testimonial for flood cover insurance - April 2011

Flood victims in Cumbria may not be able to get insurance cover - March 2011

Flood Risk - Wycombe District and County News - March 2011

Flood plan testing March 2011

Another flood victims story  - March 2011

Mary Dhonau OBE - NCE Info Flooding - March 2011

Lewes flooding remembered - March 2011

Flood stories flow in - February 2011

Middlehaven Development cover up - February 2011

Flood-hit property owners have cover pulled from them - February 2011

Reducing the flood risk in Chesterfield - work has started - February 2011

Insurance premium increases after claim for flooding - January 2011

Flood Victims - January 2011

Mary Dhonau resigns from the National Flood Forum - December 2010

Councillor wants to build houses in flood risk area - December 2010

Drying out Flooded Buildings - December 2010

Keswick woman uninsured for three months after struggling to renew her home insurance - December 2011

UK flood damage costs up 200% - November 2010

Complaints flood in - November 2010

An Insurance Broker's Opinion of the ABI Flooding Conference - "Fighting Flood Risk Together" - November 2010

Insurance problems after flooding in Boscastle - November 2010

Double Whammy for Flood Victims - November 2010

Homes could be hit with a 'flood tax' November 2010

Scope for flood victims - November 2010

More flooding in the south of France - November 2010

ABI Comments on flood investment Plans - October 2010

Flooding won't happen to me  - October 2010

Flood Line Action Groups - Help is here - October 2010

Insurance expert helps a lady in Ulverston, Cumbria - October 2010

Flood Damage in Cockermouth Cumbria - September 2010

Defra Flood summit focuses on a shared approach to managing flood risk September 2010

Subsidence Insurance Problem near possible flood area (On blog) September 2010

Flood insurance problems won't go away (On blog) September 2010

Letter from client of  a property affected by Flood damage (On blog) September 2010

Policy holders face the backlash of the floods - June 2010 

Freak waves cause havoc in the Nice area - May 2010

Flood Insurance Refusal in Morpeth,Northumberland  March 2010  

Flood advice from Towergate Risk Solutions December 2009

Insuring homes at risk from flooding - November 2009

Flood victims suffer as insurance costs rise - November 2009

ABI calls for flood defences spending to help boost economy - November 2008

More than 1/3 of Brits do not have home insurance, despite an increased risk of flooding - September 2008

Flash Floods Hit Ireland on Saturday 9th August 2008

Flood affected Property in the UK - August 2008

Public demand more action to reduce flooding - opinion research published by the ABI - June 2008

Pitt report on the 2007 summer floods must be acted on says the ABI - June 2008

Flash floods hit west of England 29th May 2008

ABI welcomes Government plans for a floods and water bill - May 2008

ABI : Flood resilience kitemark needed for new homes - April 2008

Unsaleable, Uninsurable, Uninhabitable - Tougher Planning Controls Needed for New Homes says the ABI - February 2008

After the summer flooding difficulties ahead for owners of properties in areas at risk to flooding - October 2007 

1.5 Million cars at risk in flood hit Britain - August 2007

Association of British Insurers states 50,000 claims in at 27th July 07  & numbers rising - July 2007

Insurers dealing with claims as quickly as possible says the ABI - July 2007

Insurance Costs of Summer Floods Rise to £1.5 billion - July 2007


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