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Tuesday, December 4th, 2007

Car rental excess insurance prices set to decrease

With the rising cost of gasoline, many drivers and car rental customers are looking for ways to save elsewhere as they plan their vacations during this year’s December holiday period. Car rental clients may be pleased to find out that UK-based JML Insurance ( often used to protect clients when they rent a car—will be decreasing its prices by 5% for the month of December, effective immediately. These reduced excess insurance policies are available for purchase at Those who rent vehicles more than once each year usually purchase the annual policy, which applies not only to rentals in the United Kingdom, but also throughout much of continental Europe. Until now, the annual fee for this package stood at £51.45. Starting today, however, the price has decreased to £49. JML Insurance also offers more extensive packages, which provide coverage throughout North America and also include full collision damage waivers (CDW).

In addition to a range of car rental insurance plans, JML also provides various forms of travel insurance, which can be used in emergencies. For example, one form of travel insurance is geared towards home owners who find that they must cut short their holiday and return home, due to an emergency, or other unforeseen circumstances. JML even has a car keys insurance plan, which helps those who misplace the keys to their rental vehicle during their vacation and thus require a replacement.


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