jml Insurance now acting as introducers for Kay International Plc


22nd May 2009

Summary: jml Insurance are delighted to announce that they are now acting as introducers for the long established city brokerage Kay International Plc.

Now that the highly respected insurance broker Neil Cook is working with the long established city brokerage Kay International plc, jml insurance have come on board as introducers via their two website and

Philip Suter of jml insurance said "we are delighted to be working with Neil at Kay International and look forward to a long relationship with this well respected company and clients searching for their featured products can access the company via a direct link from our websites"

Neil Cook  shares a common view that those clients who have faced difficulty with and. or have been previously excluded by insurers due to personal circumstances such as criminal convictions, previous claims such as subsidence or flooding or less than usual risks, or perhaps residents associations being over charged by managing agents. Deserve a new approach.

They have a launched the Lifeline facility which encompasses and expands upon Neil Cook's long established NEWHOPE products offering an affordable flexible range of household and commercial insurance for ex offenders and their families and Bespoke for lees than usual risks including poor claims history and the like.

The first major task undertaken by this new alliance will be the vast investment in technology to help ex offenders find cover after disclosing their convictions via price comparison sites, at present the practice used by comparison sites is to offer a "suit all2 "product that places the duty on the Insured Person to know that they must disclose the conviction

Although there is usually nothing on the site to highlight this fact, so in truth the 20% of the adult population in the UK who have a criminal record when buying insurance on line in fact have worthless cover through no fault of their own. On those sites that are more transparent about disclosure of material facts including criminal convictions will exclude those criminal convictions.

Government statistics show that 8 million adults have a criminal record and the new online product range, starting with household insurance will be appearing late summer but, in the meantime Neil Cook welcomes enquiries from clients (and you can find out more at .) Brokers and comparison sites as well as the home office and ex offender charities to resolve these issues faced by the excluded.


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