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eGroup Motoring & Insurance News January 2009 edition

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Car insurance could be 10 % dearer by 2010

 New research has shown that car insurance premiums are on the rise across the UK.

Data from the AA British Insurance Premium Index shows the average cost of an insurance premium has risen by 2.9 per cent since October. Furthermore, the study shows that the average premium now costs £721.66 - the highest ever recorded.

The current financial situation means there could be further increases on the way, according to director of AA Insurance Simon Douglas. "Capital is also scarce within the current economic climate and some insurers will need to respond by reducing the amount of capital they have tied up in their business," he explained. "This will also put upward pressure on rates. I expect average quoted premiums to have risen by ten to 12 per cent by this time next year."

Drivers may be more encouraged to look for cheap car insurance after a year of financial turmoil. A Buxton woman was recently fined after supplying false information to a car insurance provider in order to receive a cheaper quote, according to the Buxton Advertiser. Not only is this practice illegal, it can invalidate a driver's insurance policy

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The costly mistake of lying to motor insurance companies

Car insurance from eCar Insurance Brits would be  The need to be honest when dealing with car insurance companies has been underlined by the story of a Buxton woman who lied in order to get cheaper car insurance.

While giving false information may get drivers a cheaper quote, the policy is rendered invalid if the details given are incorrect. Furthermore, the practice is illegal, and Donna Louise Carline found this out to her cost after applying for online car insurance in her partner's name.

Ms Carline failed to tell the insurance company that her partner was suspended from driving at the time and a court recently fined her £175, according to the Buxton Advertiser.

The chairman of the bench, Eileen Minchin, explained that Ms Carline was been punished for deliberately attempting to mislead her insurer. "You deceived the insurance company about your situation and your partner's situation," she told the offender, according to the newspaper.

Manchester United star Cristiano Ronaldo will be thanking his lucky stars he had motor insurance on his £200,000 Ferrari after he crashed it last week. Sadly, the Portuguese winger can do nothing about the parking ticket slapped on his £137,000 Bentley in Manchester recently. According to Manchester Evening News, the superstar will be unconcerned by the £70 ticket, considering he earns £12 every minute

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How using European car insurance can help you at work

Car insurance from eCar Insurance Brits would be  British drivers fed up with the credit crunch and financial pessimism of the UK may look to escape on a driving holiday across Europe this summer.

With budgets tight, a driving holiday would allow those with European car insurance cover to take advantage of the cheaper fuel prices across the continent and enjoy some well-earned sunshine.

According to an expert from Abta - the Travel Association, Brits who are heading abroad tend to work harder in the run-up to their trip.

Frances Tuke explained that UK workers have the highest number of working hours in Europe and those heading overseas look forward to the sun so much that they have extra motivation to do well at their job.

"People need holidays to take a break from the pressure but also spend valuable time with their loved ones and families which they would not be able to do in a normal working week," she said.

Using European car insurance to see countries like France, Spain and Italy could be a cost-effective way of taking a well-deserved break. Abta recently stated that two thirds of Brits get a huge emotional high from summer holidays.

Source eCar Insurance  15-1-09

Somerset County Cricket Club

Car insurance from eCar Insurance Brits would be  With the start of the first class cricket season less than three months away, preparations at eCar sponsored Somerset County Cricket Club are well on schedule, both on and off the field. England Ashes hero Marcus Trescothick has been appointed as the Somerset vice-captain for the 2009 season, something he is delighted about.

"I am thrilled at the prospect of taking on more responsibility at Somerset. Now that my benefit year is over I can look forward to the rest of my playing career and I want to get involved at the club as much as possible".

Membership for 2009 is now available from as little as £100 by calling the membership hotline on 0845 337 1875 during office hours or by logging onto 24 hours a day.

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Car insurance from eCar Insurance

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