Don’t forget your student insurance – Parents must make sure they arrange cover


Released  25th August 2008  

Summary:  With the start of the university year fast approaching, one item of expenditure usually forgotten is the insurance for the student. As students are usually on very tight budgets with many now holding part time jobs, it is essential that parents help arrange insurance cover.

The A level results are now out and the annual University intake arrangements are under way. In the last few days two surveys have been published by NatWest and the Halifax showing living costs and according to the NatWest survey 42 per cent of the student population will be in part time employment when they start this academic year.

The Halifax research has revealed that accommodation costs on average in the UK are £74.70 per week. On top of this the average student was spending over £109 per week taking into account food, transport, course books and leisure activities.

Philip Suter of believes that one item that many tenants do not spend money on is insurance for their personal belongings whilst they are undertaking their Uni course.

Philip said "Many students attitude would be that their computer or bike would never be stolen so why take out insurance."

These days the average student has a computer, ipod, mobile phone plus a bicycle. There can be a lot of valuable equipment and insurance companies like HomeLet and Endsleigh offer policies for student tenants. The average cost of a student burglary is £900? The most commonly stolen items are personal laptops / computers and other electrical goods. A student has to think about the cost of replacing a cd player, the cds as well, the computer, clothes and other personal belongings.

Philip went on to say" It is really the responsibility of the parents to make sure that their son or daughter's possessions are properly insured whilst they are away at college or university. In most cases this is probably the first time they have lived away from home and don't even think of the insurance issue. When my younger son was a student, I always arranged contents insurance for him as I know he would never have considered it himself."

Students tend to move around a fair bit during the course of their studies, in some cases to another university in a different city. Many of the student rental policies are portable so not only can they be changed from one student house to another in the same area, but also to other cities in the UK.

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