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Released  7th August 2008  

Summary:  The ABI and British Government have an agreement to ensure that flood insurance remains widely available. BIBA has welcomed this but believes that there are still properties that will be excluded from this agreement and will need specialist advice from an insurance broker.

Over the past few weeks there has been a lot of press coverage to flood insurance problems in the UK. This follows on from the floods in August 2007 and earlier flooding.

In mid July The British Insurance Brokers' Association (BIBA) welcomed the agreement between Government and the Association of British Insurers (ABI) to ensure that flood insurance remains widely available. Despite this, BIBA believes that there are still properties that will be excluded from this agreement and will need specialist advice from an insurance broker. One of these insurance brokers is Delite Insurance.

Properties which have an annual probability of flooding greater than 1 in 75 (1.3%) and are not due to have flood defences improved within the next five years will not necessarily be covered by the agreement and could face rejection, as could all new build properties from 1st January 2009.

Neil Cook of Delite Insurance said "Although there is often talk about discussions about discussing ways to resolve this issue, nothing immediate is ever done as these discussions can drag on for years!

Which does not help you in anyway !!!! That is of course until now!"

jml Insurance.co.uk working with Delite who are a specialist insurance broker and members of BIBA - The British Insurance Brokers' Association. Delite insurance can offer assistance for all those who face insurance issues now. To secure a mortgage or sell your home you will need flood cover as part of the policy but if you have been flooded or are in a flood plain .

Neil Cook of Delite Insurance went on to say "We can offer cover that works at affordable pricing that will give the customer the peace of mind and benefits even when their existing insurer increases the client's premium or withdraws flood cover which unfortunately is common practice so Delite can help get clients lives back together"

Delite Insurance has been in business since 1984 and working with jml Insurance.co.uk for the past eighteen months.

Philip Suter  of jml insurance said "We are very pleased that Delite insurance and BIBA are thinking very positively on this serious issue. There can be nothing worse for property owners at the present time with the value of the property falling, the possibility of higher interest rates and then not to be able to arrange insurance cover when the property is located in a flood area"

More information can be found at the jml insurance website www.jml-insurance.co.uk


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From February 2009 Neil Cook is working for  Ember JD Insurance Brokers

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