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Released  7th August 2008  

Summary:  Northern Ireland has been a market that many insurance companies were not interested in but an insurance broker Kent can now arrange ex offenders insurance & household insurance & jml Insurance has set up a Northern Ireland classification on their website

Ex Offenders and household insurance in Northern Ireland including political offences and other complex household risks can now be found in a specialist category on the jml insurance website.

Whilst Northern Ireland has always been a complex area to get insurance cover even long after peace has come to the region, insurance companies are now "starting to put a toe in water!"

Unlike the rest of the UK who have a huge market for household insurance Northern Ireland have only a few players with very little competitiveness in costs

jml work with Delite Insurance Agency who have an exclusive agreement with their Lloyds of London underwriter to offer household insurance for Northern Ireland.

Most importantly is that as well as cover for normal day to day policyholders we will as always offer very favourable terms for those with complex requirements, such as less than usual houses (but not thatch) poor claims history, but also something that effects over 20% of the population.

Regarding Criminal Convictions, Neil Cook of Delite said "We treat every client as a individual and can offer cover no matter what problems they have This makes our service truly unique.

We have helped thousands of people with convictions get their lives back together not just by arranging cover after disclosure but also with positive support and advice. No longer do you have take cover after avoiding mentioning the convictions then praying nothing goes wrong."

Neil Cook has worked closely with BIBA (The British Insurance Brokers' Association) both as a member and committee member for a good number of years dealing with numerous consumer enquiries and Delite Insurance have become award winning specialists in placing the "Less usual " household risks which the normal markets, Direct Insurers and Banks could not place. They also began working with several lenders, associations and charities.

Philip Suter who runs jml has been working with Delite Insurance for over 18 months said" It is most beneficial to visitors to the jml Insurance site to find non standard products like Landlord and Tenant insurance, car hire excess insurance and now household insurance cover and Ex offenders for Northern Ireland.

There is a serious demand as 20% of the population have a criminal conviction and at least another 10% do not truly fit within normal criteria"

Jml has been acting as an introducer to HomeLet Landlord and Tenant rental insurance for many years. HomeLet cover rental properties in Northern Ireland

More information can be found at the jml insurance website



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 From February 2009 Neil Cook is working for Ember JD Insurance Brokers

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