now offers complete UK and Irish car history check service


7th May 2008

Cartell®, Ireland's only all Ireland Car History Check company, is now offering buyers a car history check on vehicles imported from the UK and Northern Ireland. This new service, which is only available from, will provide much needed reassurance for car buyers by giving them all the information they need about a vehicle before they purchase it.

According to Jeff Aherne of, "In 2007 we imported 80,000 vehicles with some 60,000 originating from the UK and it is vital that those vehicle histories are checked. We've been offering an Irish service since 2006 but our new partnership with HPI, the UK's leading Car History Checking company, means anyone interested in purchasing a car from Northern Ireland or Great Britain can now check its history through us". can check a vehicle on an Irish or UK registration plate. If the vehicle is imported will obtain GB or NI vehicle history using the previous UK registration number, even if it is currently on an Irish registration plate, meaning that you get two checks for the price of one.

Alan Bishop, Industry Relations Director for HPI, believes this partnership will prove invaluable in protecting Irish dealers and consumers from buying suspect vehicles. "In the UK 1 in 3 vehicles has a hidden history which can catch out the unsuspecting buyer. We know that many suspect UK cars have found their way into Ireland and by partnering with we believe we are ideally placed to protect Irish buyers from such scams."

A recent study of 4350 vehicles imported from the UK showed that in 2001(?) almost 1 in 10 was a write off. Aherne continues, "Our overall mission as a company is to offer a service that gives car buyers access to all the information they need about a car before they purchase it. This partnership with HPI UK means we have access to the history of over 35 million vehicles and have extended our reach into Northern Ireland making us Ireland's only all-Ireland car history checking service".

As well as confirming whether a vehicle has outstanding car finance, is recorded as stolen, or has previously been written-off, HPI's used car check also confirms many other details including the make, model, colour, door plan, and engine size. This data is checked to make sure it matches the descriptions recorded against the vehicle at the time of manufacture, protecting the interests of the motorist and helping dealers meet their legal obligations. HPI also owns the National Mileage Register, the UK's largest database of mileages with over 125 million mileage checks, to alert car buyers and dealers to potential mileage discrepancies. will now have access to all this information as well.

Formed in 1938, HPI have been checking vehicles ever since and have grown to become the UK's largest provider of vehicle history data. They were the first to introduce this invaluable service and many years of experience in the industry have made "getting an HPI Check" a commonly used phrase.Company Background

Cartell is totally independent and wholly owned Irish company which was set up by Jeff and Nicola Aherne in 2006. Car history checking is Cartell's core business which has no distractions or conflicts of interest. It is a tool to help Irish consumers purchase safer vehicles secure in the knowledge that it has been independently checked out.

Source: Cartell

More information at Cartell website


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