jml Insurance can now introduce a number plate manufacturer for international plates


Released  12th March 2008  

Summary: If you own a French registered car and are living in the UK and need to replace a damaged number plate, you can buy these in the UK on line now or if you require more interesting UK style plates showing a Welsh flag for example via jml

For the last few years jml Insurance has been introducing motor insurance to the UK market. It seemed a natural progression to then promote a number plate manufacturer.

This is a number plate company with a difference. Not only does it manufacture UK plates and specialist badge UK number plates including old style silver on black pre 1973 classic plates, but it also offers international plates.

If you require French, Belgian, Irish, German or USA car registration plates, this is the place to go to. The company jml Insurance is working with is a DVLA registered number plate supplier

They make a variety of plates to suit all types of vehicles and if required can supply flexible or self adhesive number plates. What is more you can even buy 3D plates. The company produce plates for motor cycles as well.

The company can also manufacture authentic classic vintage French number plates. The manufacturer has advised that if you are in the UK and have your UK registration on French plates they are not legal when you are on the road and you could be fined £30. The car would not be compliant for its MOT for example. However if it is a genuine French registered car, the owner must ensure they are not screwed to the car, but actually fixed by a 5mm pop rivet to comply with French law. If you are the owner of a German vintage car, then they can help using the German vintage number plates they manufacture.

To find out more go to and click on the yellow and black "number plates" logo

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Company Information

jml is part of jml Property Services, the trading name of Jeffrey Milner Ltd. The company is an UK based company that was established in 1979. jml insurance acts as an introducer for insurance companies selling property insurance including landlord and tenant rental products, pet insurance, wedding insurance, motor insurance, car hire excess insurance from insurance for car hire and travel insurance. jml Property Services also runs an online holiday home marketing service

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